Pradman has a strong tradition of offering services and is the focal point of our business structure and philosophy. We work closely with our partners to provide a complete range of services both locally and globally, supported by a dedicated team of engineers.

Installation and Commissioning Services

Pradman provides installation & commissioning support services for OEMs in India. It’s engineers work at the customer’s location from open box inspection, installation of equipment, startup, commissioning and performance tests. All engineers are trained at the OEM’s location with regular refresher training courses to keep themselves updated in the latest equipment and processes. In addition, Pradman has global support contracts with Ficep and other European companies to provide complete installation and commissioning services of their equipment globally.

Supporting Customers During Breakdowns and On Site

Pradman works with customers in the region to provide immediate support in breakdown situations as well as for supporting specific site requirements. We have engineers located in Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai and Bengaluru for faster response to customers in their regions.

Global Support

Pradman supports Atomat, OCTA Group, Ficep, Corimpex and Gasparini S.p.A. with installations globally and has undertaken projects in S E Asian countries, North American, European, UK, African and Middle East.

Annual Maintenance & Operation Contracts

Pradman works with the customers to provide Annual Maintenance Contracts including Periodic Maintenance, Breakdown support, Production support, Operator Training and Operations Support Contracts for customers supplied by our Partners. These contracts are flexible and custom designed to cater to the needs and demands of the customers.

We offer a host of maintenance services to support equipment maintenance, rebuilds and training. Our focus is on the operator to ensure maximum productivity and utilization from the equipment and process.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Operational support and training

Retrofitting and Rebuilding services

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