Pradman group is a professionally run organization that provides technical sales and services in heavy engineering equipment in India and S E Asia. Established in 1969 by Mr. Pradip Bhatia, the organization has been deeply involved with the iron and steel industry, forging industry and the power transmission industry within the country.

The company initially started as a sales representation organization, representing companies from Russia in the forging industry and has since expanded with representation of organizations from USA, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain.

Over the years the company has evolved to add on support services like :

  • Installation and Commission Services
  • After Sales Support Services
  • Customer Maintenance Contracts
  • Warehousing and Spare Parts Supplies
  • Manufacturing to Support Project and Spare Parts Requirements
  • Engineering Services

Pradman has a strong tradition of customer support and service that is the essence of the organization. Pradman works with the customer from the project concept and development stage, through the selection of equipment, purchasing, supply and up to the installation and commissioning of the equipment at the customer site. Once the plant is commissioned, Pradman continues to support the customer through after sales service support and warehousing of critical parts in complete coordination of the OEM.

Being a family owned business, Pradman has a strong tradition and reputation of socially responsible behavior and conduct in all aspects of our business. Pradman is focused on growing the capabilities, skills and respect of all the people that work within and external to the organization.


• To be a trustworthy partner of choice
• To establish a professional and competent organization
• To deliver the highest quality standards at competitive levels
• To adhere to the highest standards of integrity
• To be sustainable and profitable