Pradman Group, a leader in forging industry solutions, prioritizes press safety alongside innovation. We proudly offer cutting-edge tonnage monitor systems, such as the Toledo Monitor System, tailored for Forging Presses. These systems cater to both press manufacturers and forging facilities, ensuring the safety and integrity of the press machinery. Our advanced tonnage monitor systems provide precise monitoring and control of forging processes, safeguarding the presses against overloading and potential damage. This proactive approach to press safety ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and product quality while maintaining a secure working environment within the facility.

In addition to our innovative tonnage monitor systems, Pradman also provides comprehensive press calibration services. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise to accurately calibrate forging presses, further enhancing their safety and reliability. With Pradman’s tonnage monitor systems and calibration services, forging facilities can safeguard their presses, minimize the risk of downtime due to machinery failures, and achieve superior results in their forging operations. Trust Pradman for reliable solutions that prioritize press safety and drive success in the forging industry.

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