Mechanical Equipment:

Pradman works with the OEM supplier as a local partner to provide complete project management, sourcing and manufacturing of equipment and parts, as required. Equipments are manufactured to the standards and specification of the OEM.

  • Steel - Equipment for Wire Rod Mills, Bar Mills and Section Mills such as Roller Tables, Furnace Equipment , Rotary Shears,
       Gearboxes, Loopers, etc.
  • Power Transmission & Distribution - Drum Stands
  • Forging - Heavy Cast & Machined Parts like Tups, Sealing Kits, Bronze Bushings, etc.

  • Heavy Fabrications:

    Pradman has worked with Forni Combustion to supply complete fabrication and structural steel for reheat furnaces up to 120 tons/hour capacity.

    Casting and Forging:

    Pradman has worked closely with the foundry industry to develop capabilities to supply fully machined sand castings up to 30 Tons. Pradman has supplied machine castings like chocks and liner plates for the steel industry as well as heavy castings for forging presses and HPDC machines. Recently Pradman has been working closely with the investment casting industry to develop complex castings from this process. This has an advantage of superior surface finish, reduced porosity and significantly less machining requirement.

    Pradman Revamp and Rebuild:

    CNC Machine Tools - Ficep Angle lines, Iron workers
    HPDC machines - Bhuller, HMT, Idra presse
    Forging Rolls
    Operational parts like pinions, rolls, gearboxes, etc.

    Business Head : Nelson D'costa
    Contact No. : +91 8108176695